I’m not a betting person, but after learning to play poker as a SIG intern last summer, I learned to really enjoy the calculated way of play taught at SIG. I’d describe my style as loose aggressive, but I definitely let the emotion of winning a hand show with a shocked grin. I am currently a Technology Associate on the Trading Services team in SIG’s Dublin office, and enjoy reading, fitness, food, and socializing with friends.

Having started the round as second in the chip leaders, the pressure was on to stay on top. But when we’re playing down to the final 3, and with a trip to America to play at the Final Table up for grabs, things were about to get serious.

The evening started off slow, playing it safe as we suss each other out. Slowly, some stacks were growing and some were shrinking. Mine was, unfortunately, slowly but surely shrinking. With a few small wins, I survived long enough to make the last table, even down to the last five players. I was far out-stacked, and it was clear I wouldn’t survive long without a miracle.

Round after round of terrible hands I knew I had to soon take whatever decent hand I got and go with it. With J4 being the first paint I’d seen in 4 rounds, blinds were chipping away at my stack while I waited for something decent I could commit to. When K4 come up, I knew I had to go with it. I only had 4 big blinds left, so I went all in. I took the blinds to live a little bit longer. Next hand was K7 suited. I raised the big blinds. I’m committed now. With my previous lack of hands, I had to take it. Who knows how long before I see another good hand? Heads up. Pair 10s and 4 hit the board. No backing down now. It’s doubtful that my opponent has one of the 2 remaining 10s. I hope for the best and go all-in. I was wrong. He has trip 10s. With one club on the table and 2 in my hand, my only hope was for two more to hit the table. 2d and 9h. I was out.

For my first time playing in poker tournament, it was a great experience. After a strong first round, my second was certainly lacking. Down to the final 15, I was in over my head with far more experienced players and luck was certainly against me. But against all odds I made it further than I ever expected. Until next year.

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