Dr. Sam Robertson Sports Analytics

Thanks to increased computational power and improvements in data collection technologies, sports analytics researchers are now able to ask questions (and get answers) they were not able to in the past. The beneficiaries of these new technologies will be teams and individuals who are intellectually curious enough to ask these questions and courageous enough to act on them. Advances in the field of sports analytics have the potential to improve the way athletes train, compete, make decisions, and recover from injuries.

Dr. Robertson is a Sports Scientist at the Western Bulldogs and Senior Research Fellow at Victoria University in Australia. He bridges the worlds of sports science and data science. Dr. Robertson recently spoke to our Sydney team about how data can be used to predict athlete injuries, the best courses of play action during a game, and even highlight when a game may have been rigged. Even if you are not interested in sports, this talk is a fascinating look into advances in data-driven decision making.

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