How SIG Teaches New Traders

Education is extremely important to us at SIG, and the amount of time and prep we give our incoming Quantitative Traders helps them to succeed once they get to the floor on their own.

Quantitative Traitor Interview: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I joined Kevin D of Quantitative Traitor to talk about my experience in trading, and how SIG’s trading has evolved through the years, too. Check out the interview Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: An interview with Todd Simkin to learn more about the history of SIG, our Education Program, and more.

The AlphaMind Podcast: Great Traders Are Made, Not Born

The AlphaMind podcast brings powerful change, growth, and development to people and businesses within global markets. I was happy to join hosts Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall to discuss the history of floor trading, SIG’s decision-making methodology, how we train new traders, and more. Check out Episode #117: Susquehanna’s Todd Simkin: Great Traders Are Made, Not Born.

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