I’ve been working as a technologist at SIG for the last year and a half, and my first introduction to the company was actually through poker. Before SIG, I was a developer with a company that created electronic poker tables. Between ‘testing’ and casually playing poker, I’ve built up a decent amount of experience over the years. My style can be best described as simple, with a touch of dumb luck. In my free time enjoy running half-marathons and playing video games.

While working at my last job, one of my responsibilities was to ensure that SIG’s Final Table was running smoothly for the tournament each year. So while I wasn’t playing as a SIG employee, I got to watch several Final Tables before I even joined.

I began Round 3 with a slow start, with mostly junk cards for the first half of the night. By the dinner break, I was starting to think that I was just going to be nickel and dimed from the blinds alone. But after dinner, things started going my way. I still had a decent sized stack and was dealt Ace Queen, and raised 2 big blinds. The player after me went all-in, and I decided, why not? It was two of us heads up.

He flipped over pocket Queens, and then the nerves started. Lucky for me, another Ace appeared on the flop and I was able to breathe again. He had enough chips to cover me, so I didn’t knock him out…well, not till later, that is.

When our table broke, my opponent ended up at the next table with me. At this point, he was low on chips and went all-in preflop. I was dealt pocket Kings, so of course I had to stay in. He flipped over pocket Aces, and once again I stopped breathing (I probably should get that checked). Amazingly enough another King arrived on the turn and I once again pulled out a win. After that, I was feeling pretty good, and won a couple other small pots. At this point, there weren’t many hands that made it to the flop. A little while later, it was announced that the night was over. So I am on my way to my first (official) SIG Final Table!

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